šeštadienis 02 2016

A three band (10m 6m 4m) dipole

It was only possible to design it with the help of software written by these Great Men:

 JE3HHT, Macoto, DL1PBD, Alex and DL2KQ, Igor

Thank you guys!

Lengths 450 and 300 Ohm ladder lines were cut to achieve acceptable SWRs on all bands (<2 br="">

Radiation patterns @4m above ground

 p.s. used twinlines bought on ebay:
450 Ohm - 2cm gap between wires,
300 Ohm - 0,7cm gap between wires.

I think this antenna could be made also as a vertical (for omnidirectivity, lower radiation angles) but calculations must be done.

73 Zilvis @LY2SS

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